Will it start and move after years of sitting? SAME Centauro 60 tractor


In this episode we attempt to start up the SAME tractor after sitting for years #sametractor #willitstart #tractor


com:Thanks for taking us along again Steve . I dont get tired of this kind on content. That Same tractor didnt seem to happy when you first started it , but seemed to come right after a little running . Good to meet Roger . He has about the same body build as my dog Otis. Doesn't miss many meals . Dont forget to shut that fuel off mate !  Cheers

- Thanks Scott. I think at least 2 cylinders are right down on call compression. I’ve swapped injectors between cylinders and it stays the same. It will work all day and has done like it but the fumes get to you. Glad you are enjoying the content. Roger sneaks up to where my parents live and my mum cooks him breakfast as well as dinner. When he stays with us he doesn’t get it because of his size???? but he’s a great dog. He’s always about when we are playing with these machines. I actually did forget to turn it off. I called my dad because we went to Singapore the next morning and got him to turn it off. Thanks again


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