US F-35 Showing Its Insane Capability During Vertical Take-Off


Welcome back to the Daily Aviation for a new documentary video about the US Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, especially the F-35B variant.

Footage Credit: US Marines, US Air Force, US Navy ,Derivative Work by The Daily Aviation

Thumbnail Credit: US Marines , Derivative Work by The Daily Aviation

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COM: Hey there former Navy sailor here CTR2(IDW/SW) and at the start of the video they mention the F-35 is capable of aircraft carrier operations but that ship shown is the USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6 a Wasp class Amphibious Assault ship. The Wasp class was a design evolution from older traditional carriers and heli carriers so it's often mistaken for conventional fixed-wing aircraft carriers. The LHD stands for Landing Helicopter Deck. Typically they carry the MV-22 Osprey, AV-8B Harrier II, AH-1 Cobras and some CH-53 Sea Stallions. There are others but these are the most common on the flight deck. The LHD ships are basically a mobile landing strip for Marine aircraft but also have a number of sea to shore small craft like the LCAC, LCU and LCM.


Sometime in the mid 2010's they started playing around with the F-35 being able to launch off the LHD platform but there was alot of issues early on. I've been out now for over 6 years so I'm not entirely informed on the current status of it but I would imagine they've made some headway. Also for those even further curious enough in July of 2020 the Bonhomme Richard was heavily damaged by a massive chemical fire and the repairs were estimated to be about over 3 billion dollars and would take several years to complete. The Wasp Class I believe is only valued around 1 billion to construct and so the decision was made that she be decommissioned and sold for scrap.

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