Unloading Hay bales – and baling and collect hay


We are #WieczorekFarms - a first gereneration farm family in North East Missouri - raising top quality Hay, Cattle & 2 kids in the mix of it all .. sharing #myfarmstory thorugh the camera lens .. from tractor rides to the back of a horse rounding up cattle & more .. thanks for watching ... to read about todays Video visit our Blog or read below


Video Recap:

From an early morning Saturday of unloading trailers to spraying our field for our upcoming corn silage to the baler going down in the first 300 bales .... it was a long day!


Visit the Farms YouTube Channel (link in bio!) to catch some awesome outside shots of the Massey 1840 & Kuhns Accumulator workin’ in action til it went down ????

Can Jason fix it?! Guess you better subscribe to watch the next one huh?!

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