Two Huge Tractors John Deere and Fendt Vario Got Into An Extreme Situation - A Professional Farmer


Comments: - - I live in a part of the US that has some of the largest farms in the country, this harvester must be very new or I would have expected to see one of these around here?  Are they being sold in the US?

Really incredible, to work for one of the biggest manufacturer of agricultural equipment which makes the tractor to the forage harvester via the self-loading wagon I see very clearly in the Nexat the first step towards the agriculture of the future far ahead of the developments. current thresher for example.

I did not know it is impressive the price c like bringing everything back al ha c not more expensive than our material, I am even more profitable, with the adaptable material. When we see in our campaign harvesters of between 200 and 400 thousand euros sleep 11 months of the year under a profitable shed where it is? I'm sure we'll see this in France and even under maybe unless the new cap forces us to replant hedges which is not the case in its countries to see it

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