Turbocharged 1100 Massey Ferguson Will it start after 6 years???!!!


 com: The neighbors had silage cut one year by a contractor who had a fleet of Masseys including a 1080 driving the harvester. Biggest tractor I’d seen. I was a kid then in Ireland.  I guess this has to be a similar same machine different market.

com: It's nice to see the old girl get a second chance, I'd bet if that had a strong battery on  she'd of fired right up without the booster. I had an 1135 apart for a transmission rebuild, life changed and she sat 7 years while I worked for another guy. When I got back to it I'd got the cab back and thought I'd better shove a battery on it and just try the key to check wiring. That old girl fired right up 3rd turn on the fuel that was in the filters, there was no fuel in the tank yet. 

  It was nice to see your comment about not really needing either and using a small amount .  I can't stand watching guys do these video's where the batterys shot all the cable ends are near corroded right off they don't even try cleaning or replacing them. They don't even try bleeding fuel, it hardly cranks as the terminals glow red hot with resistance. Then they think drugging  the poor thing on  a whole can of head stud stretcher, will help L.O.L.  

 This year I turned 48 and been doing this kinda stuff since I was 13, so I've done quite a few tractors and backhoe loaders  over the years for my collection customer machines and for sale. The best one was  a fordson E27N  with a Perk P6 that sat over 40 years in a yard with it's sister tractor. 

It was stuck, I got it freed, cleaned the filters as new ones are hard to find in Canada. I changed the oil there was 40 year old fuel in it that was still good unlike this 6 month if you're lucky garbage now. I used a good battery and she fired right up with no ether. The other one  wasn't so easy but I got that running after 3 days messing with it, they started out together and they'll stay as a pair even if I decide to sell them later in life.  they are a cool story of somebody farming with them I haven't even washed them it will spoil that unique finish they've acquired since 1950 .  Take care

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