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The collective feeling on long-distance relationships seems to be a resounding “yeah, nah”. But there are always beautiful exceptions to this rule. Laguna Tools and Gregory Machinery are one of the statistically improbable success stories.

To be fair, long-distance business relationships are a lot easier to maintain. But they still require commitment and shared values. Laguna Tools pride themselves on being “globally local” which, to them, means supplying worldwide but offering the kind of service and support you would expect from a local business. Gregory Machinery, on the other hand, are “locally global”. They are Australian owned and operated but source the best machines from around the world to bring to their fellow Aussies. With these complementary values, the two businesses are a perfect match.

Laguna Tools at home

Laguna Tools has set up their digs on the coast of California, between LA and San Diego. For more than 33 years now, they’ve been focussed on bringing innovations to the woodworking industry.

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