Tractors stuck in the mud - Hard Work..

Tractors stuck in the mud - Hard Work..

How to Spraying Plants?
Plants can get sick, and even die, just like humans.

For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to their care. Spraying is one of the most important parts of this care. So, what should you pay attention to and what steps should you follow while spraying?

We have compiled the answers to these questions for you!

Protect Yourself Before Spraying
It is very important that we wear waterproof and moisture-proof clothes while spraying our garden. We should definitely use hats, glasses and gloves. We should not forget that the poison can pass into our bodies even when we touch the pesticide containers.

No Spraying Every Hour
The time of application should be in the morning and evening hours, if possible. Daytime and hot hours are not suitable for spraying. In the meantime, we have to pay attention to the wind. While spraying, the wind blowing from the front will bring the medicine directly to us. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to spray with the wind behind us.

Secure Animals
Such pesticides are also harmful to bees, birds and fish. In addition, it has a fatal effect on domestic animals, barns and animals. It is written on the antidote box of the relevant drug. In case of any poisoning, we need to take the medicine box to the doctor.


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