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. Conservative Tillage:


If any tillage and cultivation system leaves 30% or more plant residues on the soil surface after sowing, it is called protective tillage. This system was developed to control soil erosion.


It covers conserved tillage, reduced tillage, no tillage, mulch-tillage, ridge-tillage and zone-tillage tillage methods.


4.3. Reduced Tillage:


In this method, which is also defined as reduced or limited tillage, as the name suggests, some tillage operations are not included in the traditional tillage method. Versions without more of the notched plow are considered reduced tillage.


4.4. No Tillage or Direct Sowing:


The agricultural system in which direct sowing machine is planted to the field without cultivating the soil is called no-till agriculture.




For sustainable and economical plant cultivation in agricultural areas in our country, the most accurate cultivation techniques, which have been revealed by researches, should be put into practice in the period from soil preparation to harvest. In order for the soil treatments to be applied in field agriculture to be successful, there is a need for optimum seed bed preparation that accumulates moisture in the soil profile. Appropriate seedbed preparation is possible by taking into account the climate of the region, soil type, land slope, crop rotation, agricultural tools at hand and the technical information given above.


Those who are engaged in agriculture and soil cannot easily change the slope, soil type and climate of their land, but if there is an error in their tillage habits, they can change this. If everyone engaged in agriculture makes ploughing and planting perpendicular to the slope, especially on sloping lands, the flow of heavy rains will be prevented, water infiltration will be ensured to the soil more easily, and significant erosion will be prevented.


Planting planning with vegetation (wheat, barley, vetch or stubble) in heavy rain season in agricultural areas that are very susceptible to erosion, direct sowing, reduced

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