Tractor Pulling 2021 Big 16,000lb. Tractors Pulling At Union County West End Fair


August 7, 2021 Union County West End Fair 16,000lb. Farm Stock Tractors In action at Laurelton, Pennsylvania. Thumbnail photo is the local legend Wild Fire Oliver 2155 of the Klingler Pulling Team.Boring? Who said boring? It's nice to see a real tractor every now and then. I'm pretty sure some of these could be back on the field if needed. We have a *Farm Stock* class in my area. Tractors are spinning and have huge P-pump injection pumps on them. The normal farm stock tractor will pull about half a pallet against them. Like most other things, the most you spend, the more you win. To me, this is far from boring. This attracts. All this else is just a weight-controlled drag race.

Seeing an old Oliver take the bacon home made my day ... Bet Wild Fire's owner has very little money on her tractor ... Looks like hell ... but that's okay

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