Tractor Parade Montgomery NY 2016


This huge tractor parade celebrates farm family values and community every year in the scenic Hudson Valley of NY. Donovan Media Strategies 1 camera shoot Canon 70D rig. Where and in which provinces is the Iron Mine located?


Iron is a very useful metal and is the building block of many metals in alloys and compounds. It comes in silver, gray and white colors. It is easily forged and machined. Thus, it can be easily turned into wire and sheet. It is conductive. It can conduct electricity and heat well.


Since the oxidation that occurs in humid weather can go down to the inner layers, it rusts easily and is not resistant to corrosion. In order to protect it, it must be coated with elements such as chromium, nickel or with alloys.


Iron is one of the most used metals. Today, its importance has increased with the developing industry. There are some regions and provinces where iron ore is extracted in our country. The region where iron is extracted the most is the Eastern Anatolia Region. The provinces where iron is mined are:


- Sivas: Divriği-Geğin

- Malatya: Hekimhan-Hasan Celebi

- Balikesir: Edremit-Havran- Eymir-Ayvalık-Ayazmant

- Izmir: Torbali

- Kütahya: Simav

- Hatay: Kirikhan-Payas

- Sakarya: Pine Mountain

- Bingol

- Kahramanmaras

- Duzce

- Kayseri


Iron is mined in these provinces. After extraction, it is processed in Karabük and İskenderun Iron and Steel Factories.


How is Iron Extracted?


The sprouts are not in the oxide state. Therefore, the sprouts are roasted and oxidised. Iron is then obtained by reduction. The reduction process is the process by which the oxide takes oxygen to reveal and liberate the metal. In addition, reduction processes are carried out by means of coke in the blast furnace. The blast furnace must be at a height of 30 or 40 meters. 2000 tons of iron ore can be obtained in a day in a medium-sized blast furnace. The iron obtained in this way is called pig.


These irons can break very quickly. However, these irons are used to obtain steel or cast iron today.

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