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Why Does the Brake Pedal Release?

We have compiled the information that those who research will need for the question of why the brake pedal is released or there is a gap in the brake pedal. Let's see what are the causes of brake pedal discharge?


Brake Release Problem in Hydraulic Brakes!

More important in the acceleration performance of the vehicle is the stopping performance of the vehicle. That's why brake technology is of great importance. Hydraulic brake systems are the last point reached in this regard. In hydraulic brake technology, the force applied to the pedal reaches the brakes by means of a fluid. Here, a technology has been developed that makes use of the principle of non-compression of liquids. However, these liquids also have a boiling point. This is exactly what the brake pedal discharge situation is about. To explain in detail the cause of the brake pedal release, let's first summarize how braking occurs:


How is the braking in the vehicle?

As we all know, when you press the brake pedal, the car slows down and stops. So what's going on in the background that this process is achieved with a single pedal movement? The pressure applied to the master cylinder when the pedal is depressed results in hydraulic fluid reaching and compressing the four cylinders on all four wheels. Here, the brake caliper provides braking by compressing the pad and the pad by compressing the discs. Therefore, all of these parts are important for healthy braking. But the highlight when it comes to brake pedal discharge is brake fluid. So, what is brake fluid?


What is Brake Fluid?

The fluid that provides braking in hydraulic brakes is called brake fluid. This liquid is a special liquid with low viscosity and high boiling point.


The fluid in the brake fluid has a special structure that does not evaporate. Therefore, no liquid is used for this purpose. It is recommended to look at the boiling point when choosing brake fluid. The higher the boiling point, the better.


Why Does the Brake Pedal Release?

After explaining how braking occurs in the vehicle and what the brake fluid is, let's return to our main question, why does the brake pedal discharge?


When you apply the brake, if the pedal compresses the gas, not the hydraulic fluid, there is a feeling of release. In this case, either the brake fluid is old and needs to be changed, or the brake fluid quality you use is not sufficient. So what does gas do in brake fluid?


The brake fluid temperature becomes very hot during some driving, especially when driving continuously at high speed. In this heating, evaporation may occur in the liquid. Evaporation also causes gaseous fragments. In this case, when the brake pedal is pressed, the gas inside is compressed, not the brake fluid. At that time, the desired brake response cannot be obtained when the brake pedal is pressed. This is called brake pedal discharge.


So, what is the cause of this gas formation in the brake fluid? In other words, why does the brake release? The quality and freshness of the brake fluid are important for good brake response. Even if you use the best brake fluid, that is, you prefer the best brake fluid for the caliper, the boiling point of the fluid will decrease over time. In other words, it starts to boil at lower temperatures over time. This causes evaporation and gas formation. If so, it is necessary to renew the brake fluid at regular intervals.


Out of Brake Fluid / Out of Brake Fluid?

If there is a lack of fluid in the control made by opening the brake fluid reservoir cap, it means that the fluid has decreased. If it doesn't seem to hold when you apply the brake, this may indicate that the hydraulic fluid is low. Gas accumulates in the area left by the decreasing fluid, and as we mentioned above, gas accumulation negatively affects brake performance.


Where to Change Brake Fluid?

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