Top 10 Most Powerful Air forces In The World 2022


Top 10 Strongest Air forces In The World 2022.Top 10 Most Powerful Air Forces In the World .Today in this video we are going to show you the top 10 most powerful air force in the world. It should be noted that total aircraft counts only include Air force aircraft and excludes army and naval aircraft.
More emphasis is given on the number and types of fighter jets of each Air Forces.
10.Pakistani Air force.Main Fighter jets F16 and Jf 17 thunder

9.Japanese Air force.Main Fighter Jets F 35 lightning 2,F15, f 2.
8.Royal Air force, UK.Main Fighter Jets,Euro fighter Typhoon,F 35 lightning 2.
7.French Air force.Main Fighter Jets,Dassault Rafale and Mirage 2000.

6.South Korean Air Force.Main Fighter Jets F 35 lightning 2,F 16 fighting falcon,F15,Kai T 50,Northrop f5.
5.Israeli Air force.Main Fighter Jets,F 16,F15,F35 lightning 2.
4.Indian Air Force.Main Fighter Jets,Su 30mki,Dassault Rafale,Hal tejas,Mig 29,Mirage 2000,Mig 29.
3.Chinese Air force.Main Fighter Jets,Su 30 mkk,Su 35,j 20,J10,J 16,Su27, J 11.
2.Russian Air force.Main Fighter Jets,Su 57,Su 35,Su 30,Mig 29,Mig 35,Mig 31.
1.United States Air force.Main Fighter Jets Stealth F 22 Raptor,F35,F 16,F 15.

Images and footage used may be sometimes for demonstration,and may not be actual weapons,Aircraft,Helicopters... of the respected countries.
All the Information provided in the video are true to the best of our knowledge.
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