TOP 10 Hay Mowers, Mergers & Balers

TOP 10 Hay Mowers, Mergers & Balers


In this video I count down my top 10 favorite mowers, markers and baler finds of 2019. Watch for mowers from 45ft to 12ft in this video as well as big merger, rakes, big balers, round balers and small square balers. 


         Just for sentimental reasons I have to go with the old Hesston self propelled mower , I know I commented when the original video went up that I had one exactly like it in the late 80's ! Andy at Farming,Fixing , Fabricating could show you a whole lot of that kind of big hay silage making equipment , especially the big mergers they use and a triple disk mower mounted on a Deere tractor !! Have a good Christmas and thanks for the interesting video !!

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