Thresher stuck | Grain harvest at the limit | Wheat harvest extreme


This year's grain harvest poses special challenges for everyone. The long and intense rain, sometimes hail and wind have badly affected the harvest regionally.


In addition, the soil is still soggy and, due to the late harvest, the wheat threatens to germinate and, in the worst case, can only be sold as fodder wheat.


Since a "good weather window" has once again announced, the requirements are even higher and demand maximum concentration - if not now, then when?


The task in the Almisberg with the Leuenberger family was set up by Rick the thresher driver with the modified Deutz-Fahr M35.75 from Walther Lohnunternehmen GmbH from Schmidigen-Mühleweg.


The area that was not passable was cut with the motor mower and transported by hand to the thresher. Except for a few small marks in the field, this harvest went quite satisfactorily.


Many thanks to everyone involved for this commitment ???? ????


#a little wet #nothing for wimps???? #they can do something

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