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The main cause of traffic accidents is the failure to comply with traffic rules and the necessary maintenance of vehicles on time and completely. The most dangerous examples of violating traffic rules are drunk driving, not obeying speed limits, and overtaking incorrectly. Mechanical defects in vehicles, not obeying traffic signs, driver errors, bad weather and road conditions are among the other important causes of traffic accidents.


Road and environmental deficiencies in our country are among the most important causes of traffic accidents as well as human errors. Even though serious studies have been carried out in this context in recent years, our roads are not yet at the desired standards. Another important cause of traffic accidents is defective vehicles, old, faulty and defective vehicles that are on the road almost invite traffic accidents.


Statistics on the causes of traffic accidents around the world show that; 90 percent driver error. The breakdown of errors under headings are as follows: carelessness, inexperience, drunk driving, insomnia, impatience, excessive speed, neglected vehicles, etc. If we express it as a single title; disobeying the rules. Errors caused by the path are in the 10 percent part.


In our country, there are approximately 600 traffic accidents every day and 27 traffic accidents every hour. In these accidents, 5-20 people die a day and 200 people are injured. On average, 5-6 thousand people die each year and 100-200 thousand people are injured.

The most important factor in the occurrence of traffic accidents is human. This rate reaches up to 94% on average.


Human Factor 66%

Driver 27%

Passenger 1%

Vehicle Factor 5%

Path Factors 1%

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