The Ultimate in Agriculture | Awesome Bale Collector

The Ultimate in Agriculture | Awesome Bale Collector

There are two types of bale straw, with and without hawthorn, direct bales with straw bales are used by consumers with mixed feed machines, while bales with straw bales are used by consumers who do not have a mixed feed machine. The disadvantage of Haşbaylı is that it prevents homogeneous distribution when mixed with feed in the mixer as it is multi-part. Haşbay machines are no longer preferred in Turkey as much as before.

According to the shape of the bale
There are prism-shaped bales and cylindrical bales. Small bales in the form of rectangular prisms can be found with two or three strands and large bales (250 to 500 kg) with 4-5-6 strands. There are also types of bales that are tied with metal wire, polypropylene rope or organic (linen-like) rope. The sizes are small; the width is 35-50 cm, the length is 80-130 cm and the height is 35-45 cm in the large ones; height:70-80-90 width:120 length 220 to 300 cm. may vary between

In addition to this information, we can say that tying with wire is now prohibited by the Ministry of Agriculture, only rope tying is valid.

Usage areas
It is generally used in livestock. Although its nutritional value is very low, it is common in Turkey to feed it to animals. It is also used as litter for animals. It serves humanity by taking its place as a raw material in cultivated mushroom cultivation. In addition, paper is produced by using it in the paper industry. It is seen that it has been used as a building material especially in Turkey and in the west recently, and the straw bale construction method is being developed.

It first gained popularity in the 1870s, with the invention of the first baler in the 1850s. From the 1940s on, the production of cylindrical bales started.

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