Super Stretch | Valtra N174 Direct trike tractor | 2018 SmartTouch


Farmers and contractors in the Netherlands are well known for their trike tractors. The Noordoostpolder, in the centre of the country, is a hot spot for these specialist conversions which are required to make billiard table flat seedbeds for vegetable crops such as onions.

Here we see Profytodsd Loonwerk with their brand new Valtra N174 Direct. In the cab are the all-new SmartTouch controls. The paired front wheels are mechanically driven from the prop shaft that normally powers the front axle. For road transport the shaft is manually removed. Powering the wheels is done to prevent wheel slip, which reduces fuel consumption and provides a better seedbed.

The 3 front-cultivators are build by engineering firm Ruud Borgijink Technische Dienstverlening: RBTD. The rear seedbed cultivator is a mix of Steketee, Cappon and home made parts. The tractor is making a seedbed for drilling silver-skin onions.

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