Scania pulled out of the swamp - John Deere Power!

Scania pulled out of the swamp - John Deere Power!

There are now 60% of such truckers. I work in a driving school. I know how they learn, or rather do not learn, and how they get their license. And then with a clever face they sit behind the wheel of such cars. Previously, the drivers of such cars aroused respect. Now there is contempt and fear.

That was really powerful agro machine :). But how the hell he get there ? It's looks like they did help him somehow before they call - to local Landfield owner with proper horse power under the bonnet :). I'm surprised that metal rope holds the force

Does the wagon have a typical chtoli deer? First of all, the fuck did he just get into this mud, although I guess from the tracks that it was not on purpose, and secondly, when they dragged the heck to turn the wheels out like that?

all the same, Scania will not be very muddy) it is more made for good roads ... if you really want to drive a wagon through mud, then it's better to KAMAZ, well, or to take Scania and increase the ground clearance

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