Sarah my 15 year old daughter chopping with John Deere 8700


Sarah chopping hay with John Deere 8700 chopper.Chopping Pioneer variety 55V50 alfalfa This was planted in August of 2015,it was a mixed stand of 85% alfalfa,12% Timothy and3% fescue. 

com:Really enjoyed watching. I grew up on a mostly livestock farm in Iowa. Grain and hay got fed, very little was sold. We had an old clay tile silo that we filled with corn silage and the hay was all put up in small square bales. This was back in the 60's and farming was totally different then, but the hard work and responsibility made me who I am. I expected to see a lot of negative comments from the libs about making a young person work. Your daughter is lucky to be growing up on a farm and have a dad like you. Thanks


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