Sarah my 15 year old daughter chopping with John Deere 8700

Sarah my 15 year old daughter chopping with John Deere 8700

Sarah chopping hay with John Deere 8700 chopper.Chopping Pioneer variety 55V50 alfalfa This was planted in August of 2015,it was a mixed stand of 85% alfalfa,12% Timothy and3% fescue.

Com : Robert: Most girls her age wouldn't think of doing this. I think it's great seeing her running the chopper. Doing a great job.

Com: Bobby: I had my daughter running a tractor when she was around 15. She would plow until 3 or 4 go home clean up work as a waitress until 10. She would do that all summer long. She is 40 and still works two jobs every day.

Com: James: Beware of putting your daughter on the equipment because soon she will be running it better than you, then what are you going to do, makes you look bad lol. My daughter is married now and is telling me how to run the equipment, kids are fast learners.

Com: Rambo: difference between a city girl and country girl, country girl has a brilliant mind and real skills, city girls needs a cell phone to fill her mind with BS, good job daughter, appreciate you folks sharing.

Com: Zeze: As a city boy, I love videos to do with ranching or farming, they're therapeutic to me for some reason, and this exact video is no different, except this amazing 15 years old makes it more amzaing, I love it.

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