Roadless Traction - Power to the Ground - Ford 4 Wheel Drive Tractor Conversion (Trailer for DVD)


In that classic period from the 1930's to the 1980's a unique industry grew up converting conventional tractors into more powerful crawlers and four wheel drive machines, in an attempt to get more power to the ground. Roadless Traction Ltd was at the forefront of this movement -- first with the development of an exclusive system of crawler tracks and then later with their unique four wheel drive system.

Join us as we tell the story of the agricultural tractors designed and built by Roadless, highlighting every model from the full and half tack Fordson N's to the fated 9804 model, plus the Logmaster and Jewelltrac machines.

Many of these machines were filmed at the wonderful Roadless 90 working weekend and helping us along the way are Roadless Demonstrator Mervyn Ford and the present owner of the company John Bownes bringing the story right up to date. We pay tribute to Roadless Traction Ltd, a unique company with inspired products.

Duration : 105 mins

Tractor & Machinery
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