During October 2021, we decided to go to Germany for 1 week with the idea of filming you some impressive construction sites, in the German way I would like to say ...
On the program 5 new projects, including beet grubbing, silage, but also the start of corn harvests in Germany.
Custom machines, impressive, epic and so on, that you should definitely love ...

The base model Cougar 1400 is available in different equipment variants. In general, the 4WD machine has four large wheels of equal size, has four-wheel steering, and also has a crab steering mode. The special-purpose tractor-like vehicle has a travel length of 11.5 meters (38 ft) and a travel height of approximately 3.96 meters (13.0 ft). Road haul width depends on tire sizes and takes up only 3 to 3.5 meters (9.8–11.5 ft).

The machine is equipped with a Daimler (Chrysler) / Mercedes-Benz OM 457 LA 6-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum output of 350 kilowatts (480 hp). The fuel tank can hold up to 960 liters (250 US gal) of diesel fuel. The weight of the Cougar - depending on the equipment and the amount of fuel loaded - is approximately 18,500 kilograms (40,800 lb). [1] The machine operates at speeds of up to 21 kilometers per hour (13 mph) or 40 kilometers per hour (25 mph) when moving between fields on roads.

Five pendulum hanging mowers are fitted to each Claas Cougar; this unit is a triple combination in the middle of the machine at the front and a strut unit on each side. The two side mowers are mounted on telescopic booms between the axles. Each mower unit can be individually controlled and maneuvered up, down, left and right to mow tight areas or smaller areas with fewer than five mowers, set the mowers on uneven ground and help the operator avoid encountering obstacles. In addition, the Cougar is equipped with active hydropneumatic mowing unit compensation, and the two outrigger units are equipped with hydraulic collision protection devices; They automatically return when they encounter

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