Ritom Pumped-Storage Plant Project – Tunneling under extreme conditions

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The Ritom power plant in Ticino, which was built in 1920 and is located only a few kilo­meters from the Gotthard Tunnel, is in need of re­newal. Since 2018, a number of con­tract­ors from the Marti Group have been working on this over­all complex re­novation on behalf of Ritom SA.


com:I thought this was a video I would click and leave after a few minutes, but then I noticed that I was already 20 minutes in. The video is a truly masterful creation, suitable for such an astonishing project. I learned a lot about tunnelboring, which isn't boring at all. That workers deserve all the appreciation they got! The setup and planning of the projectspecific infrastructure was also extremely interesting to me. Keep the wheels spinning!


Construction & Machinery
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