Relaxing Evening Splitting Firewood with Zoe


In this video, Zoe spends the evening splitting firewood as the sun goes down. She's using the Wolfe Ridge 28 Pro log splitter. She also opens a special package from Odie's Oil! Make sure you press that LIKE button and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the channel!

Love what you do! I've seen you cut beautiful, live-edged boards and boards. I do wood burning art and I saw some woods that you all would love to cut and make art on.

Wow Zoe... you get a nice definition in your biceps!!! You'll be there next week with a Monster Maul! LOL I really liked the video and I'm looking forward to the next live stream

This is the best firewood video I've ever seen. Zoe, you're kicking the splitter's ass. I remember watching an earlier video where the splits weren't great. You could say you did some splits!

Very good video - thanks for sharing. I couldn't live with this machine that didn't have an auto-retract system - it's dead time between each log. Can you tilt the bed so that gravity clears the deck? The best from England

Air machine, if I can make a suggestion move the control valves slightly above, maybe above or in line with the hydraulic fluid tank so you don't lean over the moving ram or as my old tradesman would call it "hospital". side".

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