Radio Trouble & Skeleton Crew! Drought Harvest Winter Wheat 2022!


Radio Trouble & Skeleton Crew! Drought Harvest Winter Wheat 2022!

In today's video, I have the honor of driving Darcy to the field because he is running a combine this year! We are in a severe drought and running a skeleton crew because at 8 bushels per acre this crop is losing money.... a lot of it. This is our official first day of harvest with our skeleton crew and our water truck, tractor and disk, and semi-trucks. We are prepared for an accidental field fire and the dry drought conditions are at a Red Flag warning for fire possibility. Normally we would employ about 20 people or more at harvest. This year we are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars so we are trying to minimize our losses as best we can. We are dry land farmers at an elevation of 3500 feet and we get between 10 to 12 inches of precipitation annually.

I hope you get a great laugh when you see what my "radio trouble" is!!!!! It is really important to be positive when you have adverse conditions like this devastating crop! Being positive and doing the very best job you can is critical to being able to get through and it makes everyone's day a bit better. We pray for all the farmers that are in drought conditions. Many States in the U.S.A are in drought situations. I have also learned from my wonderful subscribers that farmers in Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Oregon, Italy, France, U.K., Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Australia are in terrible drought situations too! Please keep all farmers in your thoughts and prayers and remember to support and thank all local family farmers wherever you are. Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy my video!!!

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Hello. My name is Kate Stephens, and I am an 18-year-old 4th-generation Montana farmer. My family has been farming wheat in north-central Montana since my great grandfather immigrated from Denmark in 1912 and homesteaded our land. My family has been teaching me about farming since I was two years old. I run one of the combines on the farm at harvest. I believe that it is important for everyone to know where their food comes from and the families who produce it. I love our farm, and I hope that my Farm to Fashion and Farm to Table products can help educate people about where their food comes from in a fun way. That is how Kate's Ag - Farm to Fashion became a reality. I hope you love my products as much as I do because this is an extension of our farm and the grains we have been growing to feed other families for over one hundred years.

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