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Today we are guests at the Scrocchi farm in Rottofreno (Piacenza), where the industrial tomato is being harvested with two brand new self-propelled Guaresi Super G 150-48 ", top-of-the-range machines equipped with an internal 1.5 meter wide collector and powered by a 238 hp FPT NEF engine, while towing the trailers we find three John Deere tractors: 8370R, 8R 340 and 7R 310.

I greet and thank Beatrice and Nicola Scrocchi, Ania, Beppe and all the other operators for their complete availability!

Shooting date: 09/21/2022


I am ecstatic to see a female creature engaged in her role with joy in getting busy. We must commend these people who put their heart and arms into it. This is the first time I've seen a tomato harvest at this level.


Good guys, this video serves to make it clear that honest but above all smart people do not need to exploit anyone to do things big, they have always made us believe that this type of activity was done only by exploiting poor immigrants.


Congratulations, it is nice to see that there is still dedication and entrepreneurial spirit in agriculture (this is how the exploitation system was brilliantly overcome). Of course, excellent clickbait system ... ..


It is not known what to admire here the most - but the lady who handles it so efficiently and skillfully attracted my attention the most - and there is something to look at. Regards


Greetings from Costa Rica, very brave lady in a job that is believed to be done only by men, without discrimination! Congratulations.


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