Powerful of small tractor stuck in mud | Best miniature tractor working field

Powerful of small tractor stuck in mud | Best miniature tractor working field
When approaching sludges in the ecosystem as a whole, a) sludges of natural origin; b. ) are seen to be muds of anthropogenic origin.

The mud of the Nile delta made the Nile plains fertile. After the Aswan dam was built, the mud was kept in the dead volume of the dam, which is an artificial ecosystem. It is natural but formed due to the human-nature relationship and where erosional soils are carried, in some places it is called slime (the terms slime throwing, mud throwing and idioms originate from the human-nature relationship), and in some places mud, water carried by streams and therefore surface waters, accumulated in the stream bed, stream bed. It stacks in its structures, shortens its life, gives a 75-year service life, has different grain size, water holding ability, organic- and inorganic substance content, etc. substances with properties. In the port area, mud in the bay, mud in the gulfs in the gulfs, stream mud in the regions where the water speed is slow in the river ears, lake sludge in the lakes, dam sludge in the dams, cesspool sludge in the septic tank pits and in the water structures that are urban artificial ecosystems, namely in the treatment plants, it is also called treatment according to its various origins. sludges (domestic wastewater plant treatment sludge, industrial wastewater treatment plant treatment sludge, urban wastewater treatment plant treatment sludge etc.).

Treatment plant sludge in the Solid Waste Catalogue: (Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants)

*** Treatment sludge

*** Raw mud (fresh mud)

*** Decayed mud

*** Sludge from phosphate precipitation unit

it is separated.

Sludges and Treatment Sludges must be technically controlled and disposed of in a way that does not harm the ecosystem, and various techniques and technologies must be used for this purpose.

Physical Properties of Domestic Sewage Sludges

Physical values ​​such as water content, condensation and settling feature, water release, filter resistance, compressibility, centrifugal behavior, grain size, viscosity, specific gravity and calorific value must be analyzed.

Structures of Sludges According to the Water Contained

Treatment sludge reaches a certain structure according to the various processes they see and the amount of water they contain. It is possible to evaluate this situation in practical terms:

Table: Structures of mud according to the water they contain

---------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

Amount of Water Structure and definition

------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------

> 85% Liquid and pumpable

75% - 65% Sticky, detectable, yet plastic, pasty

< 65 - 60 % Not sticky, crumbly, crumb structure

< 40 - 35% Scatterable, dispersible, permanent hardness

< 15% - 10% in powder form
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