Plowing with Muscle Tractors at Renner Stock Farms


Welcome back! This weekend was one for the books.

We put on a plow day for some of our customers and had quite the line-up. Among the tractors were two John Deere 8020's, one pulling a 5-bottom rollover plow and the other pulling a 6-bottom semi-mounted plow, our Big Bud HN-250 pulling a John Deere 10-bottom plow, our Versatile 1150 Custom pulling an IH 12-bottom plow, our Steiger Tiger III ST450 pulling a 14-bottom Deere set-up, an 8960 pulling a Deere 12-bottom plow, and of course, our 5020 Detroit pulling its 6-bottom Deere 2600 plow.

Other than plowing we also had a couple tractors doing some light tillage in front of the plows. Jake hooked his John Deere 4520 Kinze Repower up to a 25-foot McFarlane Reel Disk and it handled that very well. We also had the new John Deere 8RX 410 pulling its 43-foot 2660VT tillage tool. We have had this demo for a couple weeks now and it is quite the machine!

Sorry for the lack of Steiger shots, I hope to get that plow fixed and get some more shots very soon!

Thanks for watching, and I'll see you on the next one!

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