plowing at a depth of 1.30 meters


Plow heavy clay at a depth of 1.30 metres, to obtain easy-to-work furrow Discover the Advantages of Deep Version Blasting Machine!

The deep version blasting machine has the ability to perform many useful operations for the soil at the same time. You can also benefit from extra advantages when you own this enormous machine.


With the deep plowing blasting machine, a deep plowing level is created under the soil and the soil structure is improved.

It provides an effective fight against harmful weeds that start to form on the soil surface.

It provides long-term preservation of the moist state in the soil, especially in rain and snowfalls.

Thanks to the processing done with the deep version blasting machine, the efficiency of the fertilizers applied to the soil increases. The presence of possible diseases and pests in the soil is reduced. In general, the machine provides an effective process in terms of making the soil more productive.

Thanks to the breaking of the hard surface at the bottom of the soil, possible erosion is prevented by eliminating the accumulation of water in the upper part. In this way, there is a reduction in soil loss.

It saves a lot of time in the tillage process. It may require a lot of effort and time with other agricultural tools for the operations to be done. However, with this specially designed and height-adjustable machine, deep version blasting can be performed both quickly and effectively.

What are the Accessories of Deep Version Blasting Machine?

Deep version blasting has different accessory options in order to provide ease of use and effective release. Protection shovels are designed to be used on the sides of the machine. These shovels prevent the cultivated soil from spreading around and ensure that the soil reaches directly under the roller. Other options include side cutouts. These side cuts are two-sided cuts that can be easily removed. Protection covers used to ensure safety are offered as an option..

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