Oliver 2255 FWA with Cat 3150 plowing with 8 bottom flex back plow.


We had a Farmall H and M with the small clever plows while I was growing up on a WPA farm in the 1950s and early 1960s. evokes pleasant memories. My older brother has been refurbishing the 1939 Farmall H, brilliant plow, 45 baler, and front end loader.


From my vantage point, the sod went over fairly neatly, and I didn't notice many rocks. What do you intend to sow on this field? Good video; I really liked it. For churning over sod, the H didn't seem to be working all that hard in second gear.


The best web video I've found for showing how to plow, without a doubt... gorgeous... A few weeks back, I plowed with a Farmall M pulling a 2-bottom Little Genius #8 on steel. What a day. You taught me how to start the earth moving and make the first passes...


Thank you a lot! It was quite effective. By the way, research indicates that the amazing IH plow was manufactured for almost 30 years, starting in 1928.


awesome video Both using these tiny plows and watching others use them is always entertaining. I was somewhat interested in how you determined which number plow you have. We have two 2-furrow plows similar to the one you had behind the H; both are IH, so I assume they are also miniature geniuses, but I'm not sure of their exact numbers

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