Old Tractor First Start in 20 Years


Trying to start an old bolens garden tractor.

I truly wish there were more individuals disposing of old nursery work vehicles since then I would have the option to get them free of charge or cause a deal I to have 6 old nursery farm haulers the most established one is structure 1976 and the freshest one is from 1989 I wish there were more there is like 8 in my neighbors yard but since I need to live close to them I dont need to ask them and irritate them saying hello I saw your garbage in your yard so I haven't had the boldness at this point hes got an old seriously some craftsmans and an old toro wheel horse with an onan so ideally I can ask them at some point gratitude for the video


I have 6 old garden tractors; the oldest is from 1976 and the newest is from 1989. I wish there were more because I could get them for free or at a discount. There are about 8 in my neighbor's yard, but since I have to live next to them, I haven't had the courage to approach them and risk offending them by saying, "Hey, I noticed your junk in your yard." He also has an old Gravely tractor.


Amazing work! This appears to be a really well made garden tractor. Both the deck and the snow plow appear to be sturdy. It cuts well, and the rear discharge is extremely cool; even on older models, we don't see that feature very often over here in the United States. I'm happy you were able to recover this and get it functioning again.


I am aware of the effort required to complete a project of that nature. Here in the States, I have repaired a number of vintage garden tractors. Then, it takes a lot of work to film and edit everything. I'm glad you could do that and explain your method.


RESPECT! What a remarkable renovation. I appreciate you taking us along on the ride. I recently finished restoring a 1987 T1200, and while it runs nicely, it is not near the showroom standard you have achieved. These older mowers are so much better than the newer, plastic- and low-quality-material-filled models. Nothing compares to high-quality components and expert manufacturing techniques. Congratulations on this project's unqualified success!


After watching the entire video, I returned to leave another comment. My friend, you did a fantastic job on this one. The new black grille is much more attractive than the previous white one. It contrasts nicely with the black and orange of the tractor's body. You gave it new life once more!


Watching that was simply awesome. incredibly fulfilling Thank you for describing the rebuild in detail! You truly fit the definition of a craftsman in ever

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