Oh No! I Spilled the Beans!!!


Not one of my finer moments. Let me tell you, it just takes some time to re-learn the equipment....I won't make that mistake again, that's for sure!!

com: Laura, As a retired farmer, your experiences on your farm make my day. I grew up on a diversified farm in Central Indiana. We had hogs, cattle, corn, beans and wheat. I was pressed into service at a young age. I learned to operate farm equipment safely, although not without the usual rookie mistakes. Seeing your video today on dumping beans on the cab of the truck, I was reminded of the time (harvest 1969) that I enjoyed having my future wife ride in the combine with me. In those days, there were no buddy seats, but we made do. When she was setting on the edge of my operator's seat, she inadvertently set on the unload augur lever. We were chatting merrily away when I noticed that every bean we were harvesting was being immediately dumped on the ground. When dad came to the field with the grain truck, I had a lot of explaining to do! I'm 70 today and I don't think I have felt so stupid since. Keep up the good work! I love watching you learn. Your family's farm is in good hands with you!


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