New water pump and tires for my pickup truck

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Installing a new water pump and tires on a 1999 Dodge ram 2500 pickup with 5.9 gas motor.

0:00 showing it overheating
4:10 bring it into the garage for repair
5:00 spare tire holder replacement
7:37 removing water pump
16:02 installing new pump
25:10 installing new tires
38:03 cosmetics on the truck
42:27 Pulling the truck out and talking about it
44:44 testing the truck towing a trailer up hill

Tools used:
antifreeze tester:
muriatic acid:
Big impact:
Small impact:
Propane torch:
o-ring assortment:
cheap tire machine:
tire machine with balancer:
mud tires:
spare tire holder:

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