Believe me, God is with you, he will protect you he is always protecting us even if sometimes we don't hear or feel it, I was sad thinking that nobody loved me or was alone in the world until one day an illness happened to me that I went and I went back and had an experience with God where he revealed to me that I was never alone, that he saw my suffering, he was there protecting me from everything from evil that when I returned I would be very happy and that


I hadn't watched your video when I replied, I definitely don't like it when you travel alone, Sheilinha is very happy and she looks for you and admires you. Remember your little one, that you yourself say and everything for you, the others too but I understand why she is different.


Alo Sheila all beauty now !! You are working on your truck to carry the load all good always, you are a warrior who goes forward with joy with strength for everything, many responsibilities to do well, now you are in good health take vitamins to be stronger than God always will protect you on your way I wish you a great day miss you so much, kisses Tony


Don't be sad about it God will solve your problem! If you're sad you'll make your fans sad, and I don't want to see you sad! I am a person who likes you very much. I love you I love you I love you.


Hey beautiful! How are you all right my dear? Another day that promises, that's it, darling, it's a lot of rush, but we have to take good care of our health, wonderful, beautiful look, you always rock, a hug, kisses, good trips, great weekend.

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