My 63 year old mum on her tractor plowing VERY steep hills


Really really steep! This was wrecking my nerves to watch! Watching my mum ploughing. Way too adventurous For her own good ! -Kudo's to your Mom, BUT, when you said very steep hills, I expected to see the Palouse country. Running crawlers on those side hills, will make the hair on your neck stand up! Just watching a hillside combine slide on the slippery stubble, takes your breath away. On some of those hills, we call it, "talking to the angels!" These tractors, would roll over where my family farms.

My mother is 88 years young and she still ploughs all her own fields. But she thinks this might be her last year on the farm. She told me that milking cow's for 76 years was enough . I don't think she will give it up that easy . To all those ladies getting out there still doing it I take my hat off to you.

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