Mighty Ford County compilation // pure sound // pure tractors


Ford County tractors working hard!

1-) com:The equivalent ford tractor with small front wheels will have more steering lock more ground clearance and as much traction or probably even more in most conditions so no wonder they never sold in large volumes but they definitely give a good illusion of performance

2-) Couldn't say it better! For sure, there is a specific market for these type of tractors. Indeed they miss the "universal use" of a standard tractor, but nevertheless they look amazing (a very important factor, even just based on public percepaon). It fitted perfectly in a time of fast changing mechanical innovation/engineering. Also further developments were derived from this and other models.

 3-) more  yes at the time they were the best option for heavy work as the only other 4 wd available was the zetor which was a great machine as well so as you say what they did at county led to machines we have today and no disrespect to them but technology is always advancing and they just wouldn't be practical to use against the modern tractors


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