Massey Ferguson 35 "Double Butt" Ploughing w/ 4-Furrow Ferguson Plough | Ferguson Days 2017


 Comments: - - This setup seems totally wrong to me.. You place 4 furrow behind it but have the same hp that is for 2 furrow but you add another rear end to it that is making it work even harder? Seems like its backwards

This is a great conception!!! More traction and floatation, but a little but!!! Use a "U joint" on it's linkeage for better turn control and differential pivoting. Love it.!!! It's a real easy add on improvement.

Lot of work, building that. We used to pull four furrows with our unmodified 35 just by changing to spuds.

Wouldn't dual rear wheels provide the same amount of extra traction and better flotation? And much easier to set up

Looks really cool and as the owner of a 35X I love the project. However I can’t help agreeing with the comments about diluting the power. Unless you need to add traction for difficult terrain there is no real advantage with a longer drive train. Am I missing something?

That MF35 doesn't have enaugh Power to pull 4 Furrow Plows, the mod that you did gives it good traction but doesn't give it more power in fact with more moving parts you actually loose power to parasitic loads like driving extra cogs for the back end of the tractor, Also the PTO is a parasitic Load!!!

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