Massey-Ferguson 35 4wd VDI auctions


Massey-Ferguson 35 4wd VDI diesel fuel; It has more energy density than gasoline. An average of 1 gallon (3.8 Lt) diesel fuel has about 155,000,000 joules of energy, while the same amount of gasoline has 132,000,000 Joules of energy. Diesel fuels are used in vehicles and machines that need more power. Diesel fuels are used in engines that move ships, buses, trains, cranes, agricultural vehicles, generators.


Diesel cars have higher selling prices than gasoline cars. However, diesel is more preferred because it is more economical than other fuel types.


While the use of diesel engines is so common, small mistakes made in diesel engines can cause great harm due to lack of information. For this reason, it is very important to have knowledge about the maintenance and use of diesel engines. If you want to use your vehicle for a long time and efficiently, you need to pay attention to certain rules.


Considerations When Using Diesel

Turn the ignition halfway and wait for the warning lights to go out before starting the engine. Because the engine will be cold when it is first started, you can force the vehicle.


Pay attention to the quality of the fuel you use. Poor quality fuels used, even for one time, can cause serious problems in your vehicle's engine.


Never hit your vehicle. One of the biggest mistakes made in diesel engines is hitting the vehicle. If the new generation diesel engines are not working, oil pressure does not occur in the vehicle and therefore, diesel pumps are overloaded during the knocking process. This causes serious problems in your vehicle's engine. When you buy a diesel vehicle, you can see that there is a warning in the owner's manual that you should not push your vehicle.


Have your vehicle serviced regularly. Because periodic maintenance is much more important in diesel cars. Since diesel fuel carries more particles than gasoline fuels, these particles accumulate in the diesel filter and cause the vehicle to lose performance. For this reason, never neglect the periodic maintenance of your diesel vehicle.




If the vehicle you are using is a turbo diesel;


Be sure to warm up your vehicle's engine, for this it will be sufficient to run your vehicle at idle for at least 30 seconds.


Do not operate the vehicle at high RPM when your engine is cold. High speed when the engine is cold causes high pressure to build up, which can damage the turbo turbines.


You should start your vehicle without gas for at least 30 seconds when stopping, just as you warm up the engine at the first start-up. This is because the shaft connecting the turbo turbines is lubricated while the engine is running. When you turn off the ignition, the engine stops and accordingly the lubrication stops. However, the turbo continues to rotate for a while without oil. This can cause great damage to the turbo.

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