Let‘s Drive FENDT 936 Vario


Yessss! We're finally driving FENDT! And I have to say I'm really flashed by the new 900 Vario. No, not yet with FendtOne but of course with the mega 9 liter MAN and low speed concept :) Write in the comments what you think of the video and what you want to see next :) #Fendt # 936Vario # 7810diaries Economical and low maintenance

Fuel prefilter tractor with thermostat valve too low

operates reliably even at high temperatures, because

from the preheated fuel return line.

returns to the prefilter. cooler and filters

are placed in such a way that they can be easily maintained.

Fuel and AdBlue consumption indicator only instantaneous consumption

at the same time consumption in different studies

It also shows the logs. In addition, these indicators

to have an economical driving style


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