LANZ Eilbulldog 2539 "Sensationeller Scheunenfund des Jahres 2021" UHD/4K


This documentation shows in fantastic pictures the transfer of a dream team on its own axis from Bad Rothenfelde 170 KM to Einbeck to the truck and bus depot. Unique in the world!

   com:I can only agree with my prescribers that THAT is a rarity today and then with such great teams, but do I see it correctly that the indicator works, but the (trailer) brake doesn't ?! Would have liked to have been there in person and I also miss pictures with noise from the cabins. Now see the exhibits with different eyes and have a lot of respect for the performance of the historic vehicles (can today's vehicle still manage without a (complete) failure of the electronics?) And the driver, for whom this also meant an exceptional performance. Take my hat off to people and technology!

Tractor & Machinery
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