Landing scene-From passenger planes to fighters-Airplane landing in strong crosswinds Hard landing


Comments: - - Seriously a divine work. There are few accidents because I fly this much every day. The turn after the go-around is also shaking, and I am grateful that it is safe to do if I am diverted because it is full of waiting for landing, but my mental and physical strength will be heroic. I think it's better not to fly in bad weather for safety because I think the in-flight staff is better.

When I got on the plane before, the wind was so strong that I couldn't land and climbed again and turned in the sky for a while.
I was applauded when I landed again and succeeded at the timing w

Centrea International Airport is located in Tokisuri City, Aichi Prefecture.
Surrounded by the sea, it will be difficult to take off and land when the sea breeze or wind is strong,
Is there something like this image?

When I was a kid with poor compliance and security, I opened the cockpit door when I got off the plane, and I saw the pilot sitting deep in his chair, sweating.

You shouldn't be so sloppy when you land on your first plane, but why did this happen? The plane looks cool, but it's a little scary to ride.

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