Kids at the tractor trailer train ride!

Kids at the tractor trailer train ride!

Game and Kids

The game, which is a part of real life and an active learning process; It is a set of entertaining and sometimes didactic activities that are usually carried out to make use of leisure time, give happiness to the individual, have rules and limits. Play is an activity that exists in every period of life.

Play, which has an important place in every period of life, is one of the most basic needs of children. Play is the life of the child. The child must find a place and time to play with something to play in almost every situation and condition.

Game; It is the most effective way to prepare the child for adult life. It contributes to the development of the child's physical, social and cognitive abilities. Play is a mirror of a child's mental development, but also plays an active role in their physical and sensory development. It contributes to the development of personality in a positive way. Play affects the child's human relations, cooperation, speaking, acquiring knowledge and experience skills, psycho-motor development, emotional and social development as well as the mind and language development. Some adults see children's play as a good endeavor to keep the child entertained, distracted, or dismissed, whereas play is a serious business for the child. As the child plays, his / her skills increase and his / her abilities develop. He recognizes his surroundings, the unknowns, and makes them understandable for himself. Depriving or restricting the child from this basic need causes these developmental areas to develop in an unhealthy way.

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