John Deere Tractor gets stuck!! Funny Farmer reaction

John Deere Tractor gets stuck!! Funny Farmer reaction

Hey lads my old chap showed me this video when he was at work and the farmers reactions made me laugh so thought i should upload.

Comments: - everything gets stuck in mud. doesnt matter if its made out of gold and can tug a cruise ship the things gonna stick just the same

I just buried one of these 2day... those mowers sucks they weigh you down so much.... ended up taking the mower off... driving back through the mud hole and then chaining the mower out... I hit a spring tho.

I guess one of those muffled mumbles was supposedly funny, but what words I could make out had no discernible comedic value to me. Some people are titillated by F-bombs, but I'm not.


Your not stuck until you walk out of that cab on level ground,how do these small farmers afford those expensive J D tractors ? I got an old 824 cat stuck bad once and it took a D 9 cat and D 8 cat and some monster block and cable to get it out .


Guaranteed failure.  You need a truck designed to pick up crapped out cars on highways, so it is possible to LIFT the front two tires out of the mud (glue!) and THEN move forward, towing the stuck vehicle.


SO DANGEROUS! Never use a chain with something that heavy. Until you see someone that has had a chain through their face, you wont understand. Always use straps, when they snap, they loose energy quickly. Chains are like a bullet.

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