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 Fendt Classic Club International (which is being formed).

Bringing Fendt history to life

The interest in historical agricultural technology has been growing for many years. With its long and exciting history, the Fendt brand has a unique ability to inspire customers and sales partners, as well as employees and the entire Fendt fan community.


Fendt Classic Club International has been founded for this reason, on the initiative of AGCO/Fendt Management. The main purpose of the club is to take care of a present the over 90-year history of Fendt in a comprehensive way.


Christoph Gröblinghoff is at the lectern and welcomes the invited guests.

Christoph Gröblinghoff, Chairman of the AGCO/Fendt Management Board.

Focus areas and activities of the Fendt Classic Club International include:

Build and merge an extensive Fendt archive with technical documents, photos, films, publications and drawings

Present the Fendt story in an exciting way, highlights from the past.

Collaborate with the existing regional Fendt clubs and owners of attractive Fendt collections

Organise Fendt Classic events and participate in Classic events representing the Fendt brand

It is possible that the Fendt Classic Club will become the operator of the future Fendt Museum in Marktoberdorf

Karl-Heinz Welz, Sepp Nuscheler, Hans Heinle, Bernhard Bartussek are standing next to a Dieselross tractor Walter Wagner is not pictures.

The first Executive Board of the Fendt Classic Club International: (from left) Karl-Heinz Welz, Sepp Nuscheler, Hans Heinle, Bernhard Bartussek and Walter Wagner (not shown).

Founding meeting and Executive Board

The founding meeting of the Fendt Classic Club International took place on 27 October 2021 at the Fendt Forum in Marktoberdorf, with around 60 participants. The following persons were elected to the first board of the Fendt Classic Club International:


 First Chairman: Sepp Nuscheler, former Fendt Press Secretary

Vice-Chairman: Karl-Heinz Welz, former plant manager, gearbox, Marktoberdorf

Vice-Chairman: Walter Wagner, Vice President and Head of Development Fendt Tractors

Treasurer: Bernhard Bartussek, Head of Tax Department AGCO GmbH Marktoberdorf

Secretary: Hans Heinle, former Product Division Manager Development Fendt

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