I SAVED A Rock From DESTROYING The Combine

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com:Another terrific video and a solid reminder of why your Arm's Length Video Capture remains a primary reason for the popularity of Laura Farms. It is extremely rare that we are treated to being so wonderfully close to a super bright, super lovely farmer who not only looks great but actually knows her equipment and how to drive and repair nearly everything on the farm. Laura you are auper in all respects...Thank you for such great, knowledgeable videos. We are blessed.

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Some of our favorites:
https://yankum.com/laurafarms?afmc=laurafarms - use code laurafarms for 10% off your purchase!!
https://www.americaneagleacc.com/fueltrailers/ - for all your fuel trailer needs
https://www.titan-intl.com/ - where we got the tires for our tractor!
https://northernchill.com/https://northernchill.com/ - Use code LauraFarms20 for 20% off!

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