Hydroelectric Design With Turbines In The Middle Of The Lake


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Thank you very much for this video, in your miniature turbine-dam series. I think I already complemented you in previous video's, but in this use-case where the dam is in a 'being used' scenario(not demonstrating, playing, or testing) is awesome! Funny-details, how you keep miniature-decoration on a self-build small-dam/turbine throughout your videos on this Chanel. The sounds of a skilled man building(with every day accessibel tools/parts), is now proven to sound like music. Look at the other videos on this YouTube Chanel, about how this man(or team) teaches/shares with us(with no spoken words) to come to this design/build. Curious of what the input(yield of the dam) to the field/environment, trough a year can give. Curious if others can reproduce, to get a better way of living/farming.


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