Huge John Deere DB120 48 row 30" 120' wide corn planter in action in Michigan!


Follow along as we watch this Huge John Deere DB120 48 row 30" corn planter planting corn in Livingston County, Mi on May 1st 2021. This is the largest corn planter in the market today stretching 120' wide!COMMENTS: - -  Can you imagine how long the line marker would be lol. When my dad was farming in the '80s he planted 4 rows, seeing something 6 rows or larger was a big deal.

I had 2 of these in my area, one near Wateman, IL, the other near Seneca, IL, around 2010, but it didn't last long, big troubles with cracks forming in the frame, so a lot of time wasted.

We use a DB90 36 row 30". The farmer in the neighboring town uses a DB120 48 row 30" and a DB80 32 row 30" as a clearing planter, and we all shoot these beasts in the great hills of northeast Nebraska.

GREAT planter!!! Should this operation reap large acres to warrant needing such a large planter? The only planters I've seen of this size are in western Kentucky, where some operations farm 20,000 acres or more. This planter will do fast work in most fields. Thanks for your hard work, Jeff. I really enjoyed this!!

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