How We Feed Cows Without Using a Tractor or Horses

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There are a lot of options in methods when it comes feeding hay. Each has its pros and cons. Today I show you one of those options that doesn’t involve starting a tractor in the middle of winter or harnessing up a team of horses.

com:Great idea using modern bales ! ????   We used to do that back in the 1970's with chopped hay .  It was blown into the center of the barn building a giant haystack and had mangers on each side where the cattle came inside to eat .   Just like your system all you needed to feed with was a farm boy with a pitchfork .  It worked really well as the hay stayed in great condition under roof and very little waste at the manger .

I used to be less than thrilled to do stuff like that as a kid on the family ranch now years after my family sold it off I would give anything to be out there doing it again. Enjoy what you have because someday it may be gone.

Dear Luthi, I'm Oka, from Indonesia.  I absolutely enjoyed in watching your video, but, I have wondered about one thing in making of the hay proces.  Sure, I need you to answer these questions, Are those grasses Fermented at the first time in their processing or not?. 

And how long days (months) those hay can be kept? Thank you for the answer.

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