How Does World's Largest Aircraft Carrier Stay Level?

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One of the biggest concerns for aircraft carriers is the risk of US Navy sailors or planes falling overboard. This warship has more than 6000 sailors on board, nearly 100 fighter jets worth over 30 million dollars each, and many luxury amenities you'd find in a city. It weighs more than 100,000 tons and is over 1000 feet long. On July 8th 2022, a fighter jet flew off the deck of the mighty USS Harry S. Truman due to unexpectedly violent weather in the Mediterranean Sea. This shocking incident raised suspicion as to how the events took place considering the capability of the aircraft carrier to withstand harsh weather conditions.
How did this happen and what happens when an aircraft carrier runs into a heavy storm? How does such a massive ship manage to stay level and prevent millions of dollars worth of aircraft from drowning in the deep ocean? #aircraftcarrier #usnavy #sailors

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