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There have been times when we have not been able to predict the condition of the places where we are driving our car. It is not possible for our car to get out of there, which is likely to get stuck in areas such as mud and dense sand, just by giving gas. The move you make can sink you further into the mud. If your location is close to a point where the road will receive help, you can ask for help and get out of the area where you are stuck. If you do not have such a situation, it is possible to save your car from mud or sand with the methods that we will tell you about. Let's look at the methods together. You should remember that there are some points that you need to know in order not to make a wrong move to save your car from where it is stuck. Here are some things you should know; Every time we hit the gas while we are stuck in the mud, we keep loading up on the gas, thinking that the car will get out of the place where it got stuck and continue on its way, it can damage the tires, transmissions, drivetrain, and also cause the car to go deeper. If the vehicle has completely lost contact with the ground and the wheels are floating in the gap, you should know that what you need to do is to restore the vehicle's contact with the ground. Using the effect of momentum, we need to give the car an acceleration by tapping lightly on the accelerator pedal without loading it, and remove the wheel from the floating gap. One should also not forget about the communication factor. It will be more useful for us to tell you about the condition of the wheel and what is happening there, the information that is necessary for the driver to remove the car from the area where it is stuck. Finally, the methods you will read about may vary depending on how deep the vehicle is stuck in the mud or sand Do Due Diligence First of all, you should find out the size of the vehicle's stub by doing due diligence. For example, if you have a 4×2 wheel drive car, you should take a good look at how deep your car is going, whether the undercarriage is in contact with the ground, and whether the wheels with traction are in space and determine your methods accordingly. Towing with a Second Vehicle Using 4X4 vehicles for this method will give you the best results in terms of traction. As a safety precaution, you should test the strength of the tow ropes that are likely to break. Otherwise, the part that breaks off due to horsepower may have a lead effect and damage those around it. We start the rescue process with the fact that the 4X4 car gets in front of the car stuck in the mud. We attach a high-quality and unlikely to break rope to the place we call the towbar at the front of the vehicle to be pulled

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